Boom And Crash Index Trading 2021


A number of traders, both experts and novices, had problems with the market structure during the boom and crash. For some currency pairs, the boom / crash structure (buy / sell) increased and then equalized over a period of ticks.    

The problem with the market structure for boom and crash is that it is a currency pair (boom and crash) that is organized such a way that the market is structured so that the two markets (currency pair and market) can be bought or sold at a peak stage of a tick. Trading in boom assets (boom 500, boom 1000, crash 500, 1000) and crash assets (crash 500, 1000), for example, consists of observing the boom market (sale or default) and the crash market (purchase or default of assets). For example, the assets boom and boom 500 and crash 500 and 1000 can be traded to see how the boom markets sold or failed and how the crash markets buy or default.   

The 500 Crash1000 and Crash 500 are synthetic indexes for this aspect of foreign exchange trading : on average the Crash 500 Index decreases every 1000 to 500 ticks, while the Boom 1000 and 500 Indices decline every 1000 to 500 ticks. For the Crash 1000 and 1000 indices, the normal devaluation occurs every 1000-500 ticks.    

Mastering the trading market with the Boom 1000 Index and the Crash 1000 Index requires a good knowledge of market trends, charts and discipline. Trade boom and crash require good analysis, traders need to recognize support and resistance before they enter trading. Sometimes it is difficult to study the tricks of the market, because there is no 100% perfect strategy.    

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Boom and 500 and Crash 500 Synthetic Index Aspects of Forex Trading Boom and 500 Crash 500 is a market-based simulation of stocks over time for a single futures asset. Boom 500 simulates 100 companies’ stocks, but since it has no known components it is difficult to study all the tricks of the market and there are no 100% perfect strategies. Those who trade in synthetic indices and currency pairs that do not have good fundamentals will find it easier to perform technical analyses and place trades at a profit. Those who trade in synthetic indices and currency pairs that are not good at fundamental analysis might find it easy to do some technical analysis to place trades.    

Forex trading is very difficult for newcomers and the first problem you will face is learning the best strategy to make good money. When I started trading boom and crash markets, I started trading my trading adventure as a scalper. In fact, I experienced more than 95% of the boom / crash traders I met as a scalper in my first year of trading.    

This confirms the structure of the market, the peak and boom / sell / buy / crash / sell situations, the low risk / return ratios, the days of swing trading and the small lot sizes.    

Figure 5-7 shows the price action tables observed in the crash and boom markets. In boom trading, the RSI indicator is strong in the buying region above the lower price limit, while it is stronger in the selling zone below the price limit in the crash 500.

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If we get a spike, we wait until the market reaches EMA9, and if the market breaks through the mark with no more than 3 small candles, we leave the trade and apply crash and boom. For those of us who hold the trade, we are looking for a spike that will devour more than 10 small candles and we will hold until the market hits the mark. If it doesn’t go up, we’ll cash in.    

Wait in the M1 timeframe until EMAas and RSI are in an overbought area. If the 50% EMA exceeds 200EMA and goes down, this indicates a strong signal to start selling, as our conditions in the RSI are met.    

If you can’t get out before the first climb, set your stop loss to break-even and hold until the EMAs and RSI reach the oversold zone. If there is another rise, wait until the price drops back below the $13 mark before getting back on board.    

My name is Patrick and I am a professional foreign exchange and equity index trader, which I have been running for over 9 years. Glad you’re in the right place to get my currency trading rate free and have had a VIX. If you are lucky enough to get a guarantee, you can lose up to 500% by changing your currency.    

Never make a miscalculated move or try to make a trade if the conditions are not met or you lose your hard earned money. What lies ahead is a trading strategy that respects price actions. Returning to the above picture, you can see how important it is to identify the resistance, as most peaks come from resistance – ranges, whether you trade Crash 500 or Crash 1000. The conclusion is that the strategy needs to be rethought and that you need to understand the chart movements. 

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