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The long awaited Boom Crash Spike Detector (indicator) for meta traders with up to 5 terminals is written in MQL4 and published as code based on it. With features like this it is a powerful software for detecting spikes with some fantastic features, here are some of them included. Spike Alarm is a warning of 10-100 seconds before the spike stops, and it doubles at any time as a continuous spike to support the boom and crash indices introduced in the software. 

Most dealers use the default settings for graphical objects, but in some cases you will need to set them manually. For example, thickness, color, trend lines, period indicators, signal lines, etc. Multiple indicators with a large amount of data to display can consume free computer resources (CPU load) and release RAM that would otherwise be exhausted

The aim of this strategy is to find turnarounds that support levels of resistance. Old beams are not removed from the data cache when new ones appear. This allows not only the recalculation of indicators for new bars, but also the calculation of indicator values for the new bars.    

As a rule of thumb, no strategy is 100% perfect, but I will try to give you a few tips to guide you on your way to becoming a successful dealer. If you want to trade the boom / crash index, then this article is written for you. Introduction of the long awaited Boom / Crash Spike Detector indicator for meta traders at the 5 T

Your MT5 offers Real-Time Quotes, Financial News and Foreign Exchange Stocks 20 October 2020 Boom and Crash Spike Detector Introduction of the long-awaited Boom & Crash Spike Detector indicator for meta traders with up to 5 terminals. If you are a newcomer, you may have heard about Boom 500, Boom 1000, Crash 1000 and Crash 500. Trading boom and crash indices for a number of traders, from experts to beginners, who had problems with the market structure of boom and crash.   

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When I started trading in boom and crash markets, I started my trading adventures as a scalper. In fact, in my first year of trading, I experienced more than 95% of the boom / crash traders I met as a scalper. Although I knew of other trading strategies, scalping was the most basic trading strategy that I thought was best suited to trading in boom or crash markets. 

If you have any problems using our indicators, please contact our support team. The following are some cases where there may be a problem with the use of our indicator: Please contact our support team for assistance.  

MQL5 Cloud Network is a powerful distributed computer network that is available to test and optimize experts, consultants and strategy testers. In addition to the network use, you can provide your own computing capacity and make a profit. MQL5 Storage is a personal storage and source code built into Meta Editor.


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