Trading Boom 500 Index 2021


One of the things people don’t understand is that no one gives you a free, secure signal because the provider is so sure of the signal that they will use it in their personal trade; the provider gains nothing by giving you a free signal that helps you make huge money; and the provider loses everything because he has to acquire knowledge at some point at a price if he wants to acquire that kn

Turning now to the strategy of boom and crash trading, I will explain two strategies. The first strategy is to use a special custom indicator to help you analyze the market. The Boom & Crash Scalper will help boom / crash traders make a quick profit by trading with the Boom / Crash Index.    

As an aspect of foreign exchange trading, the Boom 500 and Crash 500 markets are tick-based simulations of stocks, this time with a single futures asset – BOOM 500 – that simulates 100% of a company’s shares. Since it has no known components – it is difficult to study the tricks of the market and have a 100% perfect strategy. This makes it difficult for brokers to find traders as the market is volatile on its own. Without a good knowledge of the market structure and pricing you will trade every day as a swing trader. 

With so little information on how to trade the BOOM 500, many traders are resorting to trading aids with bespoke indicators and robots that work today but fail tomorrow. I can tell traders that the best way to trade this index is a swing or a day trade in the market. Trading in the S & P 500 has a well-integrated and well-understood following.    

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Sometimes it is difficult to study the tricks of the market, because there is no 100% perfect strategy. To achieve a secure strategy that will never fail, you need to know your risk-reward ratio well. Trading during a boom or crash requires good analysis, as traders must recognize support and resistance before entering trading.    

For this reason, many traders tend to focus on the lower timeframes (M1-M15). BOOM 500 differs in that market tends to jack up and spike all 500 ticks it makes from its complementary pair BOOM 1000. For this reason, regular boom peaks can confuse traders about which strategy works best for the market.    

If you are looking for a place where you can acquire knowledge about trading with the boom and crash index, you have come to the right place. Trading in the BOOM 500 was a rewarding adventure that amazed many traders. For other traders, the market is unpredictable, and there are more booms and crashes in the market.  

When I started trading boom and crash markets, I started my trading adventures at Scalper. In fact, in my first year of trading, I experienced more than 95% of the boom / crash traders I met locally. Although I know that there are other trading strategies on Scalper, the basic trading strategy that I thought was most suitable for trading in boom or crash markets was.    

For those of us who trade, we are looking for a spike that will devour more than 10 small candles that we will hold until the market reaches EMA9, when the market stops rising, we will cash in. When we get a spike, we wait for the market to reach EME9, and when it breaks through EEMA9 with no more than 3 small candles, we leave the trade and apply the crash / boom. In the trading boom, the RSI indicator is strong in the purchase region of the price lower limit, and in the crash 500 it is stronger in the sales zone near the price limit.    

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Colleague traders look at the picture below, it shows the right setting you need to trade the top in the BOOM 500. In the black square we see that the market is changing direction and the EMA 200 candlestick is showing an upward trend. The movements we see in the candlesticks mean that, like the market, it is on a downward trend, so it is not an ideal trade, but we can wait for the market to give us the opportunity


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